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Price of outsourcing is generally lower than an employee - assume the burden of solving activities overhead character and reduce the risk of leakage of financial information within your company.

Independently we will review the existing situation and the view of company prosperity.

We represent you in communication with state institutions - tax authorities, social security administration and health insurance companies.

We help to create business plans for owners, investors and potencial lenders. We design optimization and restructuring of assets and liabilities.

For further information, please contact to
Jaroslava Hanková Tax & Accounting Manager

hankova@apogeo.cz +420 267 997 721

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Our field of services

  • Comprehensive management of accounting and payroll agenda
  • Accounting and Payroll advice
  • Compilation of statutory and management financial reports according to ČÚS a IFRS
  • Representation of clients before governmental authorities

Why co-operate with us?

  • We take over responsibility for all your bookkeeping and payroll administration. We guarantee that our work has been checked and we'll monitor the important deadlines on your behalf.
  • You'll be looked after by a stable team of experts who receive training every year in the latest developments in accountancy and taxation.
  • We accompany the client from the very beginning and help them through all the key decisions. This is achieved while keeping the price for our services down at a reasonable level.
  • The option also exists to co-operate with other experts from the APOGEO Group in the area of transactions, taxation, auditing, accountancy and payroll. These experts can help clients in each of the specific cases that arise in the course of a company's lifetime.

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