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Why us?

We strongly believe that most of our success depends primarily on our employees. On their experience, skills, and their positive approach to the strategy, goals and general culture of the APOGEO Group.

Dr. Ing. Josef Jaroš, MBA Managing partner
Ing. Vítězslav Hruška Partner
Ing. Tomáš Pacovský Partner / Tax & Transaction

Josef is the majority shareholder of APOGEO Group. He has worked in the group since 2004 and in 2010, he took over the management of the consulting group APOGEO.

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Vitezslav has worked in the group since 2005. He is responsible for business development and strategic client development.

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Tomas has worked in the group since 2007 and is a major expert in the design of international structures, transactions and corporate taxes.

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Who do you work with?

  • Ing. Jaroslava Hanková Ing. Jaroslava Hanková Tax & Accounting Manager

    "Join our team where you constantly have to learn, you do not count the boring examples and gain confidence in accounting and taxes," says Jaroslava.

  • Ing. Pavel Postl Ing. Pavel Postl Transaction Manager

    "Do you have analytical thinking, common sense and the necessary insight to deliver your best? Join a transactional team where you will try to collaborate on project management across the APOGEO Group, learn how to prepare offers and information memoranda, participate in the structure of contractual relationships and in the preparation of business transformations and restructuring" says Pavel.

  • Ing. Pavel Tůma, Ph.D. Ing. Pavel Tůma, Ph.D. Partner / Expert Institute

    "Are you interested in different perspectives on valuation issues? Come to us and expand your knowledge gained in the field of valuation, including their appropriate adaptation to presentable and understandable forms in relation to business partners", says Pavel.

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