Comprehensive support for company management in the IT sector



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Significant cost savings in connection to the provision of comprehensive services compared to the alternative of individually inquiring after partial services.


In 2013, a team of specialists from the expert committee at APOGEO Esteem provided a Czech private holding, operating in IT in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with comprehensive support for the company management during a leverage downstream merger.

Progress of the job

In this case we warned of the project risks in terms of potential legal action by the affected shareholders, the need for legal services, the services of a tax adviser, auditor and expert, the need for a ready-made company (SPV) and the need to co-ordinate the project by bringing in the Management Consulting department. Part of the support also included explaining why the services above were necessary. We were able to comprehensively furnish all of these services, including contacting external parties in order to secure legal representation.


The main added value was the reduction in project time and costs - significant sums were saved on pre-acquisition consultation. Money saved on the performed work was naturally subtracted from the price of the work needed to complete the acquisition phase. The total long-term tax savings for the client from this transaction should be more than 100 times higher than the cost of the comprehensive consultation service.

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