Restructuring in the construction sector



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Splitting off activities enables concentration on key areas of the business.


The PROMINECON Group (PMC), with 20 years operating in the Czech market and numerous important construction projects under its belt, were provided solutions by experts and auditors from APOGEO as part of decoupling several property development projects.

"We were looking for reliable and professional experts with whom we could work long-term. And so the successful restructuring was managed by the consultants APOGEO. The APOGEO Group once again confirmed their high quality standards, which form part of their guarantee to clients."

Petr Kuchár, CEO

Progress of the job

In 2010–2012 we drew up a range of expert opinions in relation to the spun off part of the equity, to the paid transfer among related parties and – for the banks, consultancy in accounting and preparations for a statutory audit. The aim of the restructuring was to create an independent pillar within the holding’s commercial activity, as well as focusing all activities relating to facility management within a single company, PMC FACILITY a.s., which would also be a separate pillar inside the business of the entire holding in the Czech Republic.

The project was finalized by combining division by spinning off so that two new successor companies were created and a division by spinning off with a merger and the transfer of part of the equity to eleven successor companies. In the final phase of the group restructure, we established a fourth pillar of the business into which were concentrated activities in relation to hotel and accommodation services.


Splitting off these activities enabled the company PMC to concentrate on the key area of the holding’s trading activities, i.e. construction – in particular underground engineering and the construction of infrastructure projects.


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