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Recruiting and retaining quality people is one of the key activities of any company.

Is your company built on people? Do you know how to motivate your employees better? Is it worth having your HR department? Leave it to us. We will take over your company's HR activities and help you improve your business.

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What can we help with

  • Advice before recruitment
  • Placing an advertisement (repeat according to the client's specifications)
  • Searching for candidates, selection of responses
  • Interviews with candidates
  • Candidate testing (professional, general)
  • Verification of references
  • Preparation and presentation of the shortlist - preparation of the report
  • Rejection of unsuitable candidates
  • Direct search - executive search
  • Creating and maintaining templates for employment law documentation
  • Managing employee files
  • Administration of compulsory training - (PO, OSH, drivers)
  • Administration of medical examinations
  • Creation and administration of internal directives
  • Taking over, maintaining, and regularly updating personal data on employees in the client's information system
  • Creation of job descriptions for employees - job position descriptions
  • Payroll outsourcing
  • Managing and recording maternity and parental leave
  • Ensuring communication with state administration authorities
  • Strategic setting and regular updating of salary limits for individual positions, monitoring of market settings
  • Setting up and implementing appropriate internal communication
  • Creating and updating the organisational structure
  • Setting up a process of regular employee appraisal as a tool for company and employee development and regular training for managers and employees
  • Personnel audit: Proposal of Organizational Structure, Job position Structure, Distribution of Workers and their Productivity
  • Negotiations with trade unions
  • Redundancies
  • Employee satisfaction surveys
  • 360 feedback
  • Advice on labour law, wage policy, motivation, education, and more
  • Effective resolution of disputes with employees, ensuring legislative protection
  • Redundancy of employees
  • Personnel marketing - introduction and presentation of companies at job fairs, universities, colleges
  • Outplacement
  • Setting up HR processes and roles of people in these processes, onboarding, exit
  • Setting up a learning system, creating individual training plans and development plans for all positions
  • Support in the actual implementation of training
  • Developing a proposal for an employee motivation system - monetary and non-monetary motivation programmes


Internal HR
HR outsourcing from APOGEO
  Good knowledge of the internal environment
Limited services dependent on the qualities of the internal employee
Lack of knowledge of the full scope of human resource management
Fixed employee costs and costs associated with resolving errors and issues
Lack of interchangeability - if the accountant who handles payroll falls ill, the whole company can collapse from one day to the next
Comprehensive offer and the possibility to customize services
Using services when you need them "just in time" - independent collaboration
Representation and cost reduction for internal HR thanks to specialists in each service
Savings through quality and employee retention
Long-term HR care including payroll, incentive programs, and other administration

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Q: Is HR outsourcing suitable for a smaller company?

A: The size of the company does not play any role. We work with companies that have around 10 employees, but also with larger manufacturing plants. Quality HR is not a question of numbers.

Q: How is employee personal data processed? I'm worried about leakage of sensitive data

A: All employee information is passed on in the utmost confidentiality only to those responsible and in a secure manner.

Q: What is the guarantee for selecting stable employees?

A: Our goal is to provide comprehensive employee care over the long term, with recruitment being only the first part of the process. The vast majority of agencies only deal with recruitment for commission and thus cannot accurately predict and optimize capacity depending on the financial capabilities of the company, nor can they realistically design incentive programs. With payroll and other economic services, we can work with this and avoid employee dissatisfaction.

Q: What if we have to discontinue the cooperation?

A: You have the option of breaking off the collaboration and restarting it at any time, or using the individual services flexibly. All data is protected and immediately accessible. Unlike an HPP employee, who is an effective "just in case" HR professional, it is better to use the services of our HR colleagues "just in time", i.e. when you need them.

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