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But you won’t be able to pay your taxes yet; the state doesn’t want to pay turnover percentages From the beginning of 2019, it will be possible to pay administrative fees and tax debt at financial authorities by payment card.

If you want to pay your taxes by card, however, you’ll still have to wait. The state hasn’t yet reached an agreement with banks and card companies on a model that would not charge fees as a certain percentage of turnover.

According to tax expert Jiří Žežulka from the advisory firm APOGEO, all simplifications to tax payments promote voluntary payment of tax obligations and reduce the tax authority’s costs arising from sending reminders or having to recover the unpaid tax. They also reduce the tax administrator’s costs of operating cash desks (wages, transporting cash, protection…). Žežulka believes that the option to pay by card will be very welcome.

The project of paying by card was being prepared as early as 2014. Back then, however, there was an issue with the payment of transaction fees which would be charged to the tax authority, i.e. the state budget.

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