Financial authorities are liquidating companies. The State is at risk of arbitrage



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Dozens of companies end up on detention orders from financial administration in insolvency. Some are considering a lawsuit against the state. The financial authorities can insure tax levy on suspicious companies via so-called retention orders in the future, the state can return in the form of trials and arbitrations. Estimates from the market indicate that after the issue of reinsurance orders, dozens of companies have ended in insolvency.

After attaching the accounts, they were unable to continue doing business. In arbitrage cases it may be billions of crowns. In retail that result in VAT, companies can also get unconscious.

The fact that it was illegally, yet can emerge after several years. "Thus, functioning companies may disappear. If in two years demonstrate that they were in fact innocent, they will naturally want after the Czech state compensation. And these refunds will not be small, "says Jiří Žežulka, manager of the APOGEO, who led the General Finance Directorate and co-founded the Tax Cobra. 

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