Rules for Financial Management: requirements in the inspection report will determine by law

The requirements for the content of the VAT Audit Report seem to be legally adjusted. It contains the so-called monetary standard to draft a new law on payment transactions approved today by the Chamber of Deputies. The previous wording was canceled last year by a senator's group, the Constitutional Court, with effect at the end of this year.

The previous wording was annulled last year by the Constitutional Court at the initiative of a group of senators, with effect from the end of this year. The statutory adjustment by APOGEO's tax expert, Jiri Žežulka, does not extend the circle of data that the taxpayer must communicate to the Tax Office. „Technically nothing changes for the taxpayers“, Jiří Žežulka said.

Even though the Ministry of Finance had previously refused to include the required data in the law and referred to the general regulation contained in the Tax Code, eventually correctly proceeded to anchor the mandatory data into the law, Žežulka added.

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