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Although Martin Č. owns a real estate agency that helps other people find a new home, he has no official home himself. His permanent residence is a City Hall. Statistics show that every fifth company like this one does not pay taxes as it should. And the State loses billions.

"The number of these companies reached 14,453 and grew by 76 percent YOY. Similarly, the number of "homeless" engaged in companies grows sharply, it currently makes 9,599, which is by 80 percent more than in 2017, "said Petra Štěpánová, Bisnode's analyst, who brought the data. "A company usually registers a homeless as its statutory representative when it faces financial problems and is close to insolvency.

The original statutory authority, in his/her effort to avoid long insolvency proceedings, assigns the company to a straw person. This solves the problem completely," says Jiří Žežulka, economist from APOGEO Group. The company owners who disguise themselves for the homeless can have their own reason to hide one's identity.

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