September 2018

20. 09. 2018


Dear Clients and Business Friends,

After the summer holidays, we are releasing another issue of our ANews, where you will find information about new PKF Family Office services, interesting information about ongoing projects, and also news from the sports industry.

The coming months until the end of the year will certainly rank among the more dynamic. The Czech economy is working at the limit of its potential, we are facing record unemployment, and practically all sectors have seen an increase in labour costs. Municipal elections will be held soon, and it is already clear that many issues raised by political parties and candidates have more of a national dimension, including economic topics.

But what will the end of the year bring? We can already see the first signs of an economic slowdown; basic interest rates are rising, and the pace of growth in state budget revenues is slowly losing steam.

Even in good times, it is therefore necessary to think about the future and, despite the impossibility of fully anticipating it, to take measures now that will allow us to react flexibly to the changing situation. Let's recall the Boy Scout motto:

Be prepared!

Jiří Žežulka

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