NATLAND Tour 2017



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A tradition of golf tournaments has been built up over the last eight years. Since the very beginning, they have enjoyed strong support from the media and partners, with a carefully created profile of participants.

The tournaments are held at attractive golf resorts in the Czech Republic, which guarantee a pleasant and informal atmosphere. Individual tours have also included tournaments organized abroad, in the past these have included tournaments in Turkey, Spain and Thailand. In the latter example, we were the only commercial event of organizers from the Czech Republic to have enjoyed the privileged connection with the prestigious international World Golfers Championship project.

From the outset, the title sponsor of the tour has been the Czech consultancy group APOGEO, which offers comprehensive services in the field of transactions, tax, auditing, valuation, accounting and payroll.

NATLAND TOUR 2017 calendar

Besides golf, our ninth year also includes skiing and yachting.

  • Ski Cup – Špindleruv Mlýn 31 March – 1 April
  • Family Golf Cup – Prague City Golf 3 June
  • Business Golf Cup – Karlovy Vary 26 August
  • Yacht Cup – Croatia 30 September – 5 October
  • Final event – Prague 23 November

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