Tax calendar



december 2017

  • 8 december

    self-employed contributions

    • health - advance payment
  • 11 december

    excise tax

    • tax due for October 2016 (besides excise tax on spirits)
  • 15 december

    road tax

    • advance payment on tax for October and November 2017, or advance payment amounting to at least 70% of the annual tax obligation, if the taxpayer is the operator of a vehicle with a reduced tax rate under Section 6 Subsection 10 of the Act on Road Tax

    corporation tax, tax on income of natural persons

    • advance payment
  • 18 december


    • electronic reporting
  • 20 december

    self-employed contributions

    • social - advance payment

    income tax

    • monthly payment of the total withheld for pay-as-you-earn taxes
  • 27 december


    • tax returns and tax due, recapitulative statement and control statement for November 2017

    energy tax

    • tax return and tax due on gas, solid fuels and electricity for November 2017

    excise tax

    • tax return to claim the reimbursement of excise tax paid e.g. on fuel oils and other (technical) petrols for November 2017 (if the claim arises)
    • tax due for October 2017 (only excise tax on spirits)

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